Sonata in 3 movements

  • It is a blurring of the familiar demarcation between musician and dancer that is witty and rewarding...
    Nicholas Minns,Writing About Dance
  • a deconstructed sonata in which the dancer’s body, the viola player’s body, the viola and the bow all have a significant and interchangeable role to play...
    Nicholas Minns,Writing About Dance
  • a sprightly but serious study of music and movement...
    John O’Dwyer,Seen and Heard International
  • as the lights rose again, I noticed everyone was smiling and completely absorbed in the experience, myself included...
    Jordan Whitefild,LDN Card
  • an exemplary display of how contemporary dance can merge with other art forms in an accessible way...
    Jordan Whitefield,LND Card
  • It’s humorous, if somewhat light, and represents the first real dip in the evening...
    Lee Anderson,EXEUNT
  • A must-see. 5 stars.
    Stuart Forward,EQ View
  • Structured within the framework of classical music, the piece was anything but, and led to a performance memorable for not adhering to the standards of a traditional performance...  
    Stuart Forward,EQ View
  • The piece went meta, unraveling the sanctity and silence of the performative space as the two dancers took breaks, self-critiqued and joked to each other on the stage...
    Stuart Forward,EQ View
  • the piece travelled under the skin of traditional conceptions of dance and performance...
    Stuart Forward,EQ View
  • Every so often there are those rare moments in life where the entirely fresh and unexpected captures your imagination and leads to a whole new realm of experience...  
    Stuart Forward,EQ View
  • a genuinely funny and moving dance piece that broke expectations of the dance space and even gently poked fun at the notion of a “dance space”...
    Bryony Byrne,Aesthetica
  • a brilliant and hilarious look at collaboration between different art forms...
    Bryony Byrne,Aesthetica

The piece Sonata in 3 movements, choreographed for one dancer and one musician, explores the interaction between the music and the movement, how one influences the other causing distinctions to become blurred. Structured within the framework of a classical musical form and context, Sonata challenges some of the conventions we´ve become used to experiencing in a performance setting.

Choreography: Cornelia Voglmayr 

Performers: Elisa Vassena & Benjamin Hooper


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2015 March / Sadler´s Wells, Lilian Baylies Studio / Wild Card / London

2014 August / Sontidsdans Festival / Norway

2014 July / Ravnedans Festival / Norway

2014 September / Hangart Fest / Italy

2013 April / King´s Place / London

2013 April / Crash Festival / Birmingham

2013 October / La becquée festival / France

2012 March / Bonnie Bird Theatre / London

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