Wise man / Charlie Dixon Dance Company

Chorerography: Charlie Dixon

Dancers: Chris Goodwin, Robert Keates, Charlotte Pook, Matt Sandiford, Cornelia Voglmayr

‘Wise Man’ is exploring the themes of Charles Darwin’s theories of natural selections and a fight for survival. This highly demanding animalistic piece is full of energy but with many hidden details and extremely technical qualities to explore. Manipulating the body to create newfangled visually pleasing material, pushing limits to the max with explosive bodily movement. Five fierce dancers journey for a fight for existence, how species intertwine and relationships develop.

Cloud dance festival 2011/ London

Dance Faktry winter festival 2011/ Wales

Bonnie Bird Theatre/ London

Arts Theatre July 2012/ London

Accidental festival @ the Roundhouse June 2012/ London

  • The distinctive movement vocabulary thrust through space, solidifying Dixon’s individuality. Abrupt changes in space juxtaposed with delicate rippling through the body were an instant draw...
    Rhain Lewis,Dancers Guide to Dance
  • The piece appears to play with and explore the notion of extremities; these wonderful dancers exude energy that reaches to the very fingertip...
    Susan Allen,Cloud Dance Festival
  • Relationships were made, then suddenly broken, the dancers working as a tribe of beings, evolving into the same species yet different in the same breath...
    Rhian Lewis,Dancers guide to dance
  • A performance that stood out as one of the major highlights of the evening...
    Lesley Perez,Cloud Dance Festival
Wise man / Charlie Dixon Dance Companyconny